How Clear Aligner Work?

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Clear Aligners work like any other orthodontic appliances — they implement pressure that slowly moves the teeth and reshapes the supporting bone fragments. Clear Aligners are designed to make small movements at a time, by putting gentle pressure on your teeth. That pressure is transferred through your roots to your jaws. The process is quite simple: First the […]

Whitesmile Clear Tristar brochure

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Whitesmile Clear Tristar KEY FEATURES: Stress Retention Stress retention refers to the propensity of a material to resist permanent deformation under an applied load. The Tristar material achieves this by using polyurethane as it’s composite core. This ensures that the material continues to deliver forces consistently and exhibits mostly elastic behaviour throughout the application time. […]

Dr Reuben How Speaks on What Makes Whitesmile Clear Special

Whitesmile Clear Material (Tristar)

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The Whitesmile Clear Tristar material, a unique material used in manufacturing our clear aligner. Whitesmile Clear delivers great results with faster treatment. Dr Reuben How talks about what makes our Whitesmile Clear aligners different and one of a kind. OUR CONTACTS: Location: Visivest Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd, T1-5, 1st Floor Wisma SPS, 32 Jalan Imbi,55100 […]