Straighten Teeth Without Braces

One of the most common question we receive from patients is “how can I straighten my teeth without doing braces” in this article we’re likely to explore about a couple methods the way we constrain or resolve our patient bite without needing to go through any orthodontist braces or Invisalign. Before we begin we must point out that the conventional treatment method to fix the patients misalignment or occlusion is going to be some kind of orthodontic work so whether it will be braces or Invisalign that is going to be golden standard of fixing a patient’s bite. Therefore the very first way we are able to fix our patients by malocclusion in case they have an under bite in which the lower teeth protrude over the upper teeth we are able to provide them with a maxillary jaw expander.

   1. Expander

So what exactly is an expander? Its attaches on to the posterior teeth in the patients maxillary jaw along with the expander itself suits the maxillary palate and thus what you must do each night is you need to take a key and turn that key. Every single night the expander widens a slowly and gradually until the upper teeth sit over the lower teeth.

   2. Cosmetic Dentistry

Second way to fix a patient’s teeth bite or in case like this allow it to be appear like their bite is fixed is usually to do some sort of cosmetic dentistry hence the patient has crowded teeth rotated teeth.

Teeth that happen to be slightly Crossbite we are able to actually fix that with doing full mouth restoration so that we can use a mixture of crowns Onlays veneers on the patients so it may look like they may have straight teeth so their teeth are straight but they’re actually jaw misaligned still.

    3. A trip to the oral surgeon

For severe cases this is certainly for patients which may have setback jaws they have smaller maxillary jaws it’s an issue that really just can’t be fixed enough with cosmetic dentistry or any type of expander and for these patients we have to usually deliver those to get some sort of Jaws surgery so that we recommend them to the oral surgeon. The oral surgeon has does a mixture of some type of osteotomy with plate screws wires in order to get the jaws back into alignment making this for the most serious cases that we go ahead and we refer them to do actual jaw surgery. It’s not fun what they do by putting the braces on the patient they do the surgery and the wire the mouth shut for usually about 6 months up until the bone starts to harden and where the oral surgeon has placed the new job in innocence. It is not fun but it’s definitely an option.

Those are my three ways methods for you to fix the patients while not having to go through orthodontics despite the fact that I continue to believe orthodontics is definitely the gold standard in terms of treating patients.

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