Aligner Technical Overview


What are the key benefits of using Whitesmile Clear?

The Whitesmile Clear® Aligner is novel in its design for being a nearly invisible dental appliance that patients can make the most with. The product contains a Tristar material that delivers the right forces to enable complex movements of the teeth. When it comes to multidirectional movements, the Whitesmile Clear® Aligner is a capable appliance for allowing the teeth to move as it brings the upper teeth and the lower set of teeth together to form that undeniable smile the client has been wanting.
In the past, clear aligners failed to track teeth and help them align, vertically to align the teeth. With the Whitesmile Clear® Aligner, doctors can be confident that those challenging malocclusions can be alleviated with our state-of-the-art dental appliances.

With the Whitesmile Clear Tristar aligner, its the next generation composite material and the three stages in one that can help get those teeth fitted to a perfect smile. A gentle, yet consistent force of the aligners on the clients’ teeth, along with the durability of the Tristar material, make these appliances resistant to cracking. The multi-strand and multilayer composite material of these aligners will provide truly superior performance for your clients, intraorally.

TRISTAR-Aligner Material

How does the Whitesmile Clear® Aligner function?

Each of the Whitesmile Clear® Aligners is perfectly designed to fit over the teeth. Over time, the aligner gradually moves all of the teeth right into their appropriate place, so that the teeth produce a perfect smile. The patient must wear our aligners for ten days, 22 hours per day before advancing sequentially to new sets of aligners.

The step-by-step process of wearing the aligner helps to reposition the teeth with proper force until the alignment of the teeth is complete. A step by step methodology makes sure that the patients are following the proper orthodontic plan laid out by the dentist. Whitesmile Clear® Aligner provides a clear solution that helps to minimize any discomfort the patient may have while wearing the aligner.

What steps are involved with Whitesmile Clear Aligner?

Step 1 – The consultation and planning step

The first step involves scanning the mouth and taking impressions. A bite registration is taken of both the Mandibular arch and Maxillary arch. A Cone Beam Computed Tomography superimposition is also an option depending on the patient. Our technicians will provide the proper dental treatment and movement plan to the doctor. We will also reference any radiographic records and any other photos taken of the patient’s mouth.

Step 2 – The aligner fabrication step

A computer-controlled output of the Whitesmile Clear Aligners will occur in the lab during this step. An attachment template is also available as necessary. Expect 3-week turn around time once we have received a patient’s dental scan or dental impressions.

Step 3 – The plan refinement step

Regarding plan refinements, there is no additional charge to do so during the first 24 months of the plan.

Smile Coach e-learning platform

When it comes to learning about Whitesmile Clear Aligner, we have a convenient e-learning platform for dentists to use. Visit Smile Coach to learn more about our product.

Our case studies

WhitesmileClear clinical case

With the Whitesmile Clear® Aligner’s precise root control, your patient’s teeth can receive the right amount of force on them to reduce the unsightly spacing between the teeth. Our dental appliances help all the teeth come together. The best news is that our product can deliver the best treatment solution for your patients to see results with beautifully straightened teeth.

Even with dental extractions, the Whitesmile Clear® Aligner is still the right choice for patients that want to bring the rest of their teeth together, entirely. Force protocols are part of the reason why our appliances work.

Here’s why you should choose Whitesmile Clear Aligner

Our aligners provide a precise delivery of force, which in turn, provides the best treatment results. An individualized force delivery system for the patient’s teeth will prevent unwanted side effects.

Why Choosing WhitesmileClear ALIGNER

A virtual reverse curve of spee of treatment can deliver a reliable deep bite control(upper image). Our posterior intrusion can deliver an ideal open bite correction(lower image).

Why Choosing WhitesmileClear ALIGNER

Extraction protocols: Precise force protocols prevent the bite from deepening as well as the reduction of an excessive mesial tip of the posterior teeth as the spaces between the teeth close.

Why Choosing WhitesmileClear ALIGNER