Whitesmile Clear Aligner

Why Whitesmile Clear?​

You will see your doctor every 6 weeks to see the progress as we understand how important professional opinions are. With other brands, you may not allow to visit the clinic regulary, but with Whitesmile Clear Invisible Braces, you get the expertise of Southeast Asia’s best dentists regulary. We also have Smilebuddy App and you don’t even have to travel!

The result? Straighter teeth under professional supervision, with or without visiting the clinic as much as you’d expect.

Discover which type of invisible braces treatment best suits you.

Whitesmile Clear Lite

Mild to moderate cases involving movement of top and bottom eight teeth
RM 5299
  • Consultations: Licensed dentists
  • Attachments: Minimal or none
  • Treatment Time: 4 – 9 months
  • Extraction: None
  • Material: Trifold (Tristar)
  • Treatment Scope: Moderate movements of upper and lower eight teeth
  • Up to 20 sets of trays (upper and lower)
  • Refinement: One
  • Retainer: Seperate charge
  • Age: From young adults and older
  • Clinic Visit: Every two months or upload photos to SmileMinder App

Whitesmile Clear Full

Moderate to complex cases involving movement of all teeth
RM 8,999 - 11,999
  • Consultations: Licensed dentists
  • Attachments: Multiple Teeth
  • Treatment Time: 12 – 24 months
  • Extraction: If necessary
  • Material: Trifold (Tristar)
  • Treatment Scope: Moderate to difficult movements of all teeth
  • Unlimited Sets
  • Free 2 years refinement
  • Retainer: One
  • Age: All age group including children
  • Clinic Visit: Every two months

See the difference.

Your most frequent questions, answered.

Whitesmile Clear is creating beautiful smiles through invisible clear aligner technology. We service millions of patients throughout Asia and Oceania with orthodontic treatment. Whitesmile Clear is South East Asia’s largest clear aligner company and leading manufacturer of customized clear aligner orthodontic appliances and service providers of aftermarket support. As Malaysia’s largest manufacturing exporter of orthodontic devices, the company supports customers in more than 10 countries throughout Asia and Oceania. In markets such as Singapore, Whitesmile Clear manufactured devices account for one in every 5 orthodontic appliances worn in this nation. Whitesmile Clear products and tailored services include clear aligners, growth modification appliances, skeletal anchorage devices, 3D scanning devices, composite aligner sheets, advanced orthodontic monitoring and patient delivery systems, customized invisible cast orthodontic appliances, research, and development.

Achievement & Validation:

  • ISO 9001: 2015 (Manufacture of Clear Aligners for Dental Products) by CARE Certification International (M) Sdn. Bhd. (MYQ3205976)
  • ISO 13485: 2016 (Manufacture of Clear Aligners for Dental Products) by CARE Certification International (M) Sdn. Bhd. (MYMD3205977)
  • Certificate of Free Sale (CFS) for Export on Medical Devices by Medical Device Authority Ministry of Health Malaysia
  • Manufacturer License by Medical Device. Authority Ministry Of Health Malaysia  (MDA-0982-K120)
  • Good Distribution Practice for Medical Device (Local Authorized Representative, Import, Distribution, Storage and handling (MYG11206708)

Our 3D-printed invisible braces are a safe and simple way to help you get a confident smile. Here’s how the process works:

Find a certified Doctor near your place. Go for a digital scan at one of our partner clinics. (Initial cost will be incurred and to be paid directly to the clinic, as it is part of the overall treatment but excluded from the aligner package).

Here’s where you pay RM5,299 (for Whitesmile Clear Lite) or RM 8,999 – RM 11,999 (for Whitesmile Clear Full) to begin your Whitesmile Clear journey.

You’ll have to wear your aligners for 20–22 hours daily, only remove them while eating, drinking, or brushing. We’ll send you detailed care instructions with your aligners package, so you know exactly what to do.

Treatment expenses depend on your individual indication. Having taken your anamnesis, your dentist can make an estimate of the expected cost. But it is usually cheaper than other clear aligner systems.


The duration of treatment depends on many factors, such as your individual tooth position and your cooperation regarding the wearing time, on average the alignment will last 12-24 months.

Most patients start to see an improvement 2–3 months after beginning treatment.

We are committed to assisting you to be satisfied far more, so we will give you extra sets of braces at no extra cost. Be aware that this will require a rescan of your teeth which costs around RM100. You will pay directly to your dental clinic.

The difference is our treatment combines both professional orthodontic expertise with remote-monitoring technology (SmileBuddy App) for an experience that is both safe and hassle-free. Many other brands offer only a more traditional, lengthier treatment.

As Malaysia’s largest manufacturing exporter of orthodontic devices, the company supports customers in more than 10 countries throughout Asia and Oceania. 

Whitesmile Clear aligner splints:

  • Are transparent and almost invisible
  • Can be taken out at any time, e.g. for your snack at lunchtime
  • Are easy to clean
  • Won’t affect your natural speech
  • Are fabricated individually for you and adjusted to your treatment progress regularly
  • Are comfortable to wear – only at the beginning you’ll feel a slight pressure.

Whitesmile Clear aligner has been developed especially for treating adults, but young persons, preferring an invisible way of teeth aligning and depending on the indication, can be treated with Whitesmile Clear aligner as well.

You should always rinse your splints with water after wearing them to avoid sediments and discolouration. It is recommended to use soap but not recommended to use toothpaste.

Clear Aligner Tracker - SmileBuddy

Helping you stay on track with your clear aligners and get the best possible outcomes from the treatment.  Upload your photos. Your clinic will call if you need to have an extra consultation besides your regular consultation.


Reminds you to switch to the next aligner


Helps you to track how many hours you have been wearing


Tracks your progress by taking a smile selfie


Assesses how long you wear your aligner


For any inquiries please contact us

Email: info@whitesmileclear.com
Phone: +60-3-2771-1607
WhatsApp: +60-18-664 7433

Our main clinic is at Berjaya Times Square the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Click on the image below to find a certified doctor near your place.
A consultation fee may occur depending on the clinic.
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