How it works.

  • Record Taking Step. The first step  involves scanning the mouth and taking impressions. A bite registration is taken of both the Mandibular arch and Maxillary arch. A Cone Beam Computed Tomography superimposition is also an option depending on the patient. 
  • Lab Submission Step. We have web-based lab submission system. Go to Click “For Doctors > Doctor Login”. There are 15 steps to fill up. 

Download lab submission guideline here.

  • 3D Simulation Planning Step: A computer-controlled output of the Clear Aligner will occur in the lab during this step. An attachment template is also available as necessary. Expect 3 weeks turnaround time for a 3D simulation after we have received a patient’s dental scan or dental impressions.
  • Production Step. Once the 3D simulation approved by the customer, the Whitesmile Clear Aligner will go into production and expect to be ready in 3 to 4 weeks. 
  • Delivery Step. The Whitesmile Clear Aligner will be shipped via courier to the OEM customer’s address.
  • The Plan Refinement Step. Our unique plan includes refinement at no additional charge for 36 months.
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