What are the key benefits of using WhitesmileClear?

The WhitesmileClear® ALIGNER is novel in its design for being a nearly invisible dental appliance that patients can make the most with. The product contains a Tristar material which delivers the right forces to enable complex movements of the teeth. When it comes to multidirectional movements, the WhitesmileClear® ALIGNER is a capable appliance for allowing the teeth to move as it brings the upper teeth and the lower set of teeth together to form that undeniable smile the client has been wanting.

In the past, clear aligners failed to track teeth and help them align, vertically to align the teeth. With the WhitesmileClear® ALIGNER, doctors can be confident that those challenging malocclusions can be alleviated with our state-of-the-art dental appliances.

With the WhitesmileClear Tristar aligner, its the next generation composite material and the three stages in one that can help get those teeth fitted to a perfect smile. A gentle, yet consistent force of the aligners on the clients’ teeth, along with the durability of the Tristar material, make these appliances resistant to cracking. The multi-strand and multilayer composite material of these aligners will provide truly superior performance for your clients, intraorally.

WhitesmileClear Tristar