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Guide to starting your new journey in digital orthodontics

Guide to starting your new journey in digital orthodontics Advantages of the Tristar aligner material and the Whitesmile Clear system   The advantages of Whitesmil Clear for patients and customers Country introduction: Whitesmile Clear producing the best smiles for Vietnam  

clinical case

Clinical case: before and after

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With the WhitesmileClear® ALIGNER’s precise root control, your patient’s teeth can receive the right amount of force on them to reduce the unsightly spacing between the teeth. Our dental appliances help all the teeth come together. The best news is that our product can deliver the best treatment solution for your patients to see results […]


What are the key benefits of using WhitesmileClear?

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The WhitesmileClear® ALIGNER is novel in its design for being a nearly invisible dental appliance that patients can make the most with. The product contains a Tristar material which delivers the right forces to enable complex movements of the teeth. When it comes to multidirectional movements, the WhitesmileClear® ALIGNER is a capable appliance for allowing […]