What Steps Are Involved with The WhitesmileClear ALIGNER?

#1 The Consultation and Planning Step

The first step involves scanning the mouth and taking impressions. A bite registration is taken of both the Mandibular arch and Maxillary arch. A Cone Beam Computed Tomography superimposition is also an option depending on the patient. Our technicians will provide the proper dental treatment and movement plan to the doctor. We will also reference any radiographic records and any other photos taken of the patient’s mouth.

#2 The Aligner Fabrication Step

A computer-controlled output of the WhitesmileClear ALIGNERs will occur in the lab during this step. An attachment template is also available as necessary. Expect 3-week turn around time once we have received a patient’s dental scan or dental impressions.

#3 The Plan Refinement Step

Regarding plan refinements, there is no additional charge to do so during the first 24 months of the plan.