What is WhitesmileClear aligner?

WhitesmileClear is the transparent splint system for the almost invisible correction of teeth position. For more than 15 years, we have treated patients in the UK, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. WhitesmileClear has been developed especially for treating adults and allows aligning their teeth smoothly, without metal elements or orthodontic plates, using only transparent resin splints, the so-called aligners. The thicknesses of the custom-made splints vary between 0.5 to 0.75 mm offering the utmost in comfort for each patient – they are almost invisible and you can speak without any problems.

What are the advantages of WhitesmileClear aligner versus fixed treatment?

WhitesmileClear aligner splints:

  • are transparent and almost invisible
  • can be taken out at any time, e.g. for your snack at lunch time
  • are easy to clean
  • won’t affect your natural speech
  • are fabricated individually for you and adjusted to your treatment progress regularly
  • are comfortable to wear – only at the beginning you’ll feel a slight pressure

Who can be treated by WhitesmileClear aligner?

WhitesmileClear aligner has been developed especially for treating adults, but young persons, preferring an invisible way of teeth aligning and depending on the indication, can be treated with WhitesmileClear aligner as well.

How long does the treatment with WhitesmileClear aligner take?

The duration of treatment depends on many factors, such as your individual tooth position and your cooperation regarding the wearing time, on average the alignment will last 12-24 months.

How should the WhitesmileClear aligner splints be cleansed?

You should always rinse your splints with water after wearing to avoid sediments and discoloration. It is recommended to use soap but not recommended to use toothpaste.

Will it be sufficient to wear the WhitesmileClear aligner splints only at night?

No. You have to take into account that the WhitesmileClear alignertreatment replaces a fixed correction of tooth position and therefore you should wear your splint at least 22 hours, taking it out only short time, e.g. during your meals. This is the only way to assure the optimum treatment results in the scheduled treatment time.

What does a WhitesmileClear treatment cost?

Treatment expenses depend on your individual indication. Having taking your anamnesis, your dentist can make an estimate of the expected cost. But it is usually cheaper than invisalign.

Which orthodontist can effect a WhitesmileClear treatment?

Use our Find a certified doctor and easily find certified WhitesmileClear dentists in your area.