4 Fantastic Reasons Why Malaysians are Choosing Invisible Braces

It’s apparent that although COVID-19 has been ravaging Malaysia and the world throughout, there’s no sign to indicate that people are cutting costs to forgo clear braces treatment.

Whitesmile Clear reportedly claimed that it’s been business as usual after the MCO (Movement Control Order) from March to May 2020. The number of customers has not dropped and most are still preferring the more modern transparent braces instead of the old-fashioned metal or Damon type alternatives despite their lower costs.

This endearing trend does indicate that Malaysians understand and appreciate the benefits of transparent braces mainly for these compelling reasons below.

It’s becoming more affordable

The price gap between clear aligners and metal or ceramic braces is closing fast. The difference can be as low as 20% more between ceramic and invisible braces. Since the majority of people only wear braces once in their lifetime, it is a sound long-term investment to opt for a better quality aligner with lesser pain during treatment.

Whitesmile Clear clear braces treatment offers an almost painless experience with the cost-effectiveness in mind. They are sincerely passionate about making everyone smile thus their aim is to reduce the cost barrier among their patients.

It’s not visible to most people

Compared to the obvious-looking metal braces, clear aligners could be hardly seen when worn on your teeth. It’s even less apparent than ceramic ones. Most Malaysians who wore transparent braces feel most people can’t notice their braces during the usual face to face conversation.

Humans typically look at someone’s eyes when they are conversing and having clear braces does not distract them to look at your teeth instead. We also tend to label strangers not by name but based on their unique or awkward appearances or demeanor. If you’re feeling very self-conscious about wearing metal or ceramic braces, transparent ones are your best choice.

It’s in fashion

Ironically, wearing braces can be a fashion statement for some. You might have seen people accessorizing their metal braces with different colors like green or purple. Having seen that, you may soon be seeing more Malaysians unveiling their trendy transparent braces when they smile. As our society is becoming more high-tech, clear braces are fitting medical gadgets for this unrelenting trend towards modernizing our looks including our teeth.

It’s removable

Here’s the best-kept secret about clear braces. Many Malaysians were not aware that they could remove their invisible braces whenever they want, unlike all other types. But why do you want to do that? Well, there are times when you should not wear your braces such as eating your favorite foods like popcorn, candy, chewing gum, or even corn chips and pretzels. Or even when taking your professional family or personal photos where you are required to extend a little smile. You might be graduating soon and you may not want to showcase your braces to the world. Remember, it’s a lot of photoshopping work to erase metal braces from your teeth and the outcome may not be natural. Thus, clear braces give you the option to remove them when the moment demands it.

It’s care-free

Most people, especially the female gender, who wore metal or ceramic braces complained about being constantly paranoid that there’s something stuck in their braces or they will easily stain them. With transparent braces, you can relax. You’re actually are not supposed to wear your clear braces when you eat, so can forget about food sticking in between them. And you will be given a set of these clear aligners which you should change after some frequent uses. Hence, this takes care of the staining issue.


Do remember that braces treatment is a one-off investment that will last you a lifetime. It’s always worth it despite how much it costs, especially for those with severe-looking teeth. We, humans, are genetically wired to recognize people from their facial outlook. If you want to be remembered for the right reasons, having braces is a smart choice. But this time, let it be an invisible one.