Clear Aligner Webinar


Class 1 Malocclusion Correction with Aligner

From 1pm until 5pm

Whitesmile Clear / Monee (WhatsApp:017-637-9820,

PAYMENT METHOD: Send the receipt via email or Whatsapp after payment. Please contact us for Singapore Bank account details.

Bank Name: MAYBANK Account holder: VISIVEST Corporation Sdn Bhd Account number: 514084604235


There are 15 people coming.

Look who's coming: Monisa, Paweena Kanhachai , Chan, Norain binti Azma , Dr. Nur Atiyah Fakhri, Chong Min Jing , Dr Michael Heng, Dr Gan Chih Wei, Jacqueline, Dr Tan Wan Wei, Seong Ling Goh, Kong kai sZe, SAI BAHA RAJA, Julius Chew, Salima

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